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"The perfect storm": the stabilization of the raw materials market still seems far away


The shortage of steel and raw materials in the first half of 2021 has caused many inconveniences to European companies operating in the fastener sector, so much so that many experts have defined this situation as "the perfect storm".

The difficulty of supplying raw materials on a global scale has led to a spiralling increase in the prices of materials and import sea freights, we also recall that an anti-dumping investigation has been opened on the Made in China fastener. If we add to this the post-pandemic price inflation that has affected many products and ancillary services in our sector (energy, plastic, wood, cardboard ...), it is not difficult to understand the difficulties that many industrial realities are encountering.

The intersection of these phenomena, not predictable even by the best of analysts, has created a knock-on effect that has strongly affected the fasteners market and its players, who have found themselves having to face situations never seen before.

Bontempi Vibo, despite the difficulties just described, has maintained a behaviour in line with its corporate mission: to guarantee its customers the immediate availability of the product at the best quality / price ratio.

We thank our customers for having rewarded our effort, the reliability of our deliveries and the high-quality level of our products: their loyalty has allowed us to achieve important goals.

Although the stabilization of the raw materials market still seems far away, we guarantee the highest level of quality and fast deliveries, provided that the steel market allows us to operate as per our established habit.

Bontempi Vibo has always provided its customers with certain and immutable answers: if this cannot be guaranteed, we prefer not to assume commitments that may be subject to change during the work or to which we are not sure we can fulfil.

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