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the company and its products

Our long production chain is controlled internally and nothing is left to chance. Strict controls, computerization, and highly-automated continuous monitoring guarantee the quality which is the basis of our success.

Our careful selection of raw materials, the certification of the wholo pruduction system, constant checks in labs, packaging and delivery of products: these are all key to our concept of quality.
We believe that quality means being customer-oriented, allowing us to provide an extremely accurate service and ensuring the reliability of our products.

Company certifications

Our ISO 9001 certification proves the company is able to answer customer expectations in a coherent, exhaustive manner. Bontempi VIBO S.p.A. complies with high international standards for organizational efficiency and product quality, minimizing waste, avoiding errors, and increasing productivity.

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Product certifications

The VIBO product range is certified to TÜV AD 2000 Merkblatt W0/TRD100 and PED 97/23/EC. These international compliance certificates regulate qualitative aspects, manufacturing and the tests that metal materials used in pressurised equipment must undergo.


Our computer system allows each sold article to be traced back to its production lot.
This allows the customer to receive documentation on any product, request a certificate of compliance from our offices based on the “O.L.” (Ordine di Lavoro) number indicated on all our labels.
The information documents the controls performed during our production process, the chemical analysis of the raw materials used and the final certification by our inspection laboratory.

Our label

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