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21 October 2016

 In the customers area is available the updated stocklist...



07 March 2016

Dear Customer,

We are delighted to announce 

the entry of a new productive entity,

FRAM Srl, into the Bontempi Group....



Our experience, matured over a many years of standardized production and selling, allow us to cover our customer requirements with a wide range of items and characteristics that make Bontempi Vibo different in comparison with other producers: the selling mix. The elasticity of our production process allows us to switch from the carbon steel to the stainless steel screws. You will find herewith an introduction.

Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel


Our great experience in the standardized screws production and selling and the consolidation into the special screws planning maturated during these last years confirming Bontempi Vibo as a reliable and competent partner for the development and the production of special screws.

Vibo specials is addressed to all the productive sectors for which quality guarantees, and safety guarantee are a necessity and where some esthetical and functional details that need engineering and production protocols start from the raw material selection and the thermic treatments and end with the respect of the delivery terms. Even for the production and selling of special screws, Bontempi Vibo decided to put the customer at the center of the production and commercial line: we join the technical experience of the Quality System to the commercial resource in order to start and consolidate a real after-sales service that follow our customers beyond the standard commercial service.

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