13 April 2022

Bontempi Vibo: goals and perspectives

goals and perspectives

Bontempi Vibo closed 2021 with the historical record of revenues and is now preparing to face 2022 with a very challenging budget.

Despite the difficulties caused by the war and the tensions over raw material prices, these first months of the year are proving to be in line with the established plan. In recent years, Bontempi Vibo has decided to invest by implementing several plans, all of which go in one direction: accelerate, grow. For example, warehouses have been expanded, making logistics faster and more efficient, has invested in new molding machinery and not only: recently, work is being done to increase the capacity of heat treatment furnaces and packaging lines to double the production capacity, reaching productivity levels that until a few years ago seemed far from being reached.

The whole business plan is based on one idea: Vibo wants to be the partner that every European player will think about in the future when they need to buy a product. The company is preparing to face the new challenges of the future with enthusiasm, strong of an efficient and dynamic reality, ready to welcome the third family generation for the management.