The best Made in Italy quality

Since 1961 we have been producing screws and bolts, standard and special, for wholesalers and specialised distributors. Our wide range of products, the direct contact with customers and fast and transparent handling of all orders have enabled us to become an international benchmark for Made in Italy screws and bolts.


Assure the best service in the supply of fasteners to European distribution with the security of a non-competitive relationship and rapid response to customer needs


Be the leading European manufacturer, a solid reference point for customers, always at the forefront of technology and logistics, with a commitment to an ethical level of profit for capital and a growing concern for labour, the environment and its sustainability

Our plants

Rodengo Saiano – Brescia

Bontempi Vibo Rodengo Saiano, produzione bullonerie viterie

The very heart of Bontempi VIBO S.p.A. This is where the general management, the sales department, the administrative department and the quality, logistics and IT systems managers are located.

The Rodengo Saiano plant is equipped for the complete production cycle of screws of different shapes, in diameters from 12 to 36 in cold forging and up to diameter 64 in hot forging.

  • Central and automatic warehouse with over 20,000 pallet spaces.
  • Raw material warehouse of over 4,000 tonnes.
  • Wire rod preparation, sandblasting, polymerisation and drawing departments.
  • Cold forging of screws.
  • Hot forging of screws and relevant rolling department.
  • Complete heat treatment line of 2500 kg/h.
  • Automatic and manual selection department.
  • Testing laboratory.
  • Packaging department.

The Calabritto production site is specialised in the cold forging of hexagonal and socket cylindrical head screws, in carbon and stainless steel, in diameters from 5 to 12.

  • Raw material warehouse of over 4,000 tonnes.
  • Wire rod preparation, sandblasting and polymerisation departments.
  • Cold forging, with over 40 boltmakers.
  • Threading plant with unlosable washers coupling.
  • Two new heat treatment lines with a capacity of 3,000 kg/h.
  • Brightening department.
  • New electrolytic galvanising department.
  • Testing laboratory.
  • Packaging department.
Sede di Bontempi Vibo di Calabritto

Calabritto – Avellino

Our Link with Mi.Me.Af.

MI.ME.AF. viterie e bullonerie

With the aim of reaching new strategic markets through an industrial growth plan, in March 2021 we acquired 100% of the shares of Mi.Me.Af.

A company from Lecco specialised in the production of special bolts on customer drawings, recognised for its high quality and ability to customise products for sectors as diverse as automotive, household appliances, furniture, locks and compressors.