27 October 2021

Italian Fasteners interviews Raoul Bontempi

Italian Fasteners interviews Raoul Bontempi

“It is a milestone that fills us with pride. Seeing what we have been able to build in 60 years of business together with our employees and collaborators makes me reflect on the efforts and hard work that has made us a leading company in the world of European bolts.” With this sentence Raoul Bontempi opens the interview conducted by Marco A. Guerritore (Editor-in-Chief of Italian Fasteners) for the 60th anniversary of Bontempi Vibo.

The article traces the evolution and goals achieved in recent years by the Group and then focuses on the ambitious future growth objectives, which arise from the company’s main corporate mission: “To provide European customers with immediately available products at the best quality/price ratio on the market, guaranteeing an ethical level of profit for Capital and Labour”.

During the interview, Raoul Bontempi also dwells on the importance of the last two corporate acquisitions (FRAM in 2019, Mi.Me.Af in 2021), underlining that investments, dynamism and the ability to adapt to market needs, remain the winning factors for positive growth.

Raoul explains that Bontempi Vibo has faced the difficult situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic by relaunching and confirming all the investment plans in the project phase, even launching new ones.

The last questions of Marco A. Guerritore focus on the opinion and expectations of the entrepreneur regarding the Italian economic landscape and the “Recovery Fund”.