28 February 2020

Bontempi Vibo launches the challenge and joins Elite

Bontempi Vibo rilancia la sfida ed entra in Elite 2

Bontempi Vibo challenges the current difficult situation and the consequences of the Coronavirus pandemic by cutting an important milestone: joining Elite, the international platform of London Stock Exchange Group founded by Borsa Italiana in 2012.

The Elite program is a recognition of great value that rewards the best Italian companies supporting them in the growth process through alternative funding sources and a training and mentoring path aimed at the organizational change of the company.

Bontempi Vibo has been able to enjoy this success also thanks to the support of the advisor Vitale-Zane&Co., a Brescia strategic consulting company, as well as an Italian stock exchange partner for the Elite project, which supports Italian medium-sized companies in a path of cultural, operational and financial development.

As CEO Raoul Bontempi says, the acquisition of Fram “has enabled the internalization of the business, thus allowing the company to consolidate itself as a solid and profitable company”.  The event further confirmed the success of the Brescia company, allowing it to cross new horizons.

The entry into Elite represents a decisive turning point for the development and planning of future activities for Bontempi Vibo, also in view of the imminent generational change. “Our development plans will continue, despite the difficult period caused by the effects of the pandemic,” says Bontempi. “Our desire for development is also supported by the imminent emergence of the third generation of the entrepreneurial family, so our growth plans and, in this context, the entry into Elite, will help us by acting as a side around which to plan this generational coexistence.”