25 March 2021

Tensile test machinery: for a test of perfection

Tensile test machinery

Vibo’s quality comes from the great attention our team has for details. Nothing is left to chance, thanks to the meticulous sample tests carried out at different stages of production. Our quality control department is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, which allows us to carry out checks and tests in an optimal way.

Among the most important testing systems stands out our tensile test machine, with a maximum capacity of 2000 KN. Thanks to it we have the possibility to perform all-wheel drive tests on the items and measure the Rm breaking load in N/mm2 on a wide range of products.

The machine also allows all-wheel drive for extra-long parts (up to 750 mm) and through special adapters to exceed even the mechanical limits related to short parts. All tests are carried out in accordance with ISO 898/1.