7 December 2022

Bilanci Brescia 2021, an insert of the Giornale di Brescia newspaper, exposes Bontempi Vibo’s goals and future projects

Bilanci Brescia 2021

Bontempi Vibo had the opportunity to tell about the projects underway for the achievement of its industrial planRaoul Bontempi, Bontempi Vibo’s C.E.O., and Vittoriano Calomeni, General Manager, explained how the company has archived two positive financial years despite the friction caused by the Russian-Ukrainian war and the rise in energy prices. Not only that, Mr. Bontempi and Mr. Calomeni also affirmed their strong desire to re-launch the challenge for the coming year.

Indeed the company has achieved record-breaking results both in 2021, the year of its 60th anniversary, and in 2022, going beyond the historic result. For 2023 the company is planning numerous new projects and investments, as Bontempi and Calomeni explained. For the production site in Calabritto, Avellino, it is planned the installation of an automatic electrolytic galvanizing plant, as the need for such treated screws is growing, along with the project to expand the photovoltaic plant in order to meet new energy and environmental sustainability requirements. Similar projects are also at an advanced stage for the plants in Rodengo Saiano and the subsidiary Mi.Me.Af in Calolziocorte (Lecco).

Bontempi Vibo’s growing industrial plan has an extremely specific goal at its base and that is to become, in the coming decades, the official partner which the largest European bolting players will want to turn to.