23 February 2021

Bontempi Vibo heat treatment: innovation and energy saving

innovation and energy saving

Attention to environmental impact is one of the key themes of our company policy. We have always been engaged in the research and adoption of solutions and technologies that respect the territory and our operators. For this reason, we invested in the latest generation of carpet furnaces.

Our heat treatment departments, which guarantee one of the largest annual production capacity in Europe, have been designed according to the fundamental logic of energy saving. Each department is equipped with heat recovery devices that, in addition to facilitating heat treatment operations, warm up production environments and do not generate waste water.

All the advantages of our technologies:

  • Energy saving
  • Highly qualified technical staff
  • Constant monitoring of all production phases
  • Total control of the production process thanks to customized software
  • Certification of each production batch and its operational parameters

Heat treatment is a very delicate process. For this reason, each line has a supervisor that directly reports to the plant manager.

The strict procedures, the constant control plans of the production cycle and the cutting-edge technologies allow us to meet the very high quality requirements provided by our standards, reducing the risk of environmental impact.