21 June 2021

Cold forging: the heart of VIBO production

Cold forging

Highest quality and optimization of production costs: cold forging is a real strength for Bontempi Vibo, as it has huge advantages over ordinary mechanical processing.

This process allows us to produce a large number of units evenly at low cost, even when it comes to products that have complex geometries.

Today Vibo, which has 60 years of experience in cold forging, is able to produce 1 billion pieces every year for a total of 25,000 tons. This result has been achieved thanks to the continuous optimization of the process and the fact that the group always invested in the latest generation of highly technological machinery. All the bolt makers, in fact, are equipped with stress measurement systems that allow to detect even the smallest variations in processing, thus guaranteeing extremely high-quality standards.

The true value of Bontempi Vibo’s forging department is undoubtedly the staff, highly qualified, trained and always updated on the news of the sector. Technicians, with decades of experience, study with extreme care the best production cycles to increase tool life and machine productivity, paying the utmost attention to the product quality.

The rich machine park is subject to precise and constant maintenance: this allows to keep the bolt makers in a state of high efficiency and to guarantee the customer the highest quality, productivity and punctuality in deliveries.