20 June 2024

Photovoltaic plant in Rodengo Saiano: a strategic and sustainable investment

In March 2024, Bontempi VIBO completed the installation of the new 386.78 kW photovoltaic system on the roof of its headquarters in Rodengo Saiano. This project, which will avoid the emission of almost 200,000 kg of CO2  into the atmosphere every year, is part of the sustainability path undertaken by the company and testifies to the awareness of a less impactful use of our planet’s resources.

With 931 modules and 3 inverters the new photovoltaic plant in Rodengo Saiano represents an innovative technological investment that will allow Bontempi VIBO to optimize the conversion of solar energy into electricity and produce around 410,000 kWh per year.

Thanks to this renewable and stable energy the company will be less vulnerable to price fluctuations in the traditional energy market and will have greater predictability of operating costs. The security of having a reliable energy source and the possibility of reinvesting the saved resources into new projects represent an important strategic advantage that will allow Bontempi VIBO to focus on its core business.

The installation of the photovoltaic system, together with the adoption of further sustainable practices, demonstrates Bontempi VIBO’s commitment to social responsibility, which will lead to the drawing up of the company’s first sustainability report at the end of 2024.