5 December 2022

Record-breaking milestones: a firepower ready to take the lead in the bolting industry

Record-breaking milestones

«SWe are confident that we have provided Bontempi Vibo with the firepower it needs to be a major player in the bolting industry for decades to come» Raoul Bontempi.

Despite the uncertainties of recent times due to the Russian-Ukrainian war and energy price tensions, the operational phase of the plans set by Bontempi Vibo is ready to start.

The company’s goal is to become the main partner to which every European bolting player will turn to when in need of a product. For this reason, Bontempi is making major investments across its entire production line.

After completing the expansion of the automated warehouse, the company is ready to double production capacity at its Calabritto plant, creating a department with 20 forging machines, a new heat treatment line, a new packaging plant and a pallet handling system.

Included in this record-breaking project are other major investments planned for the Calabritto production site, such as the future expansion of a photovoltaic plant and a new electrolytic galvanizing plant to meet the growing need for screws coated with such treatment. Other similar projects are in sight for both the Rodengo Saiano and Mi.Me.Af. (in Calolziocorte, LC) sites.

After the acquisitions of Fram srl in 2019 and Mi.Me.Af. SpA in 2021 and all the new projects under way, Bontempi is ready to exceed the ambitious goals it set in its 2020- 2025 business plan.