19 May 2023

VIBO celebrates 35th anniversary of Calabritto site

VIBO celebrates 35th anniversary of Calabritto site

On Tuesday, May 16th 2023, the 35th anniversary of the opening of Bontempi VIBO’s Calabritto site was celebrated with a special evening in the southern plant. The celebration was held in the new plant where new production departments will be put into operation in the coming months.

During the evening, Raoul Bontempi, VIBO’s CEO, recalled the development steps of Calabritto site from its foundation in 1988 to nowadays, emphasizing the strategic importance that this production hub has had in the company’s growth.

Investments planned for 2023 and 2024 were announced. The production capacity will be doubled with the introduction of new product ranges; a new heat treatment line will be added to the existing one; a department dedicated to electrolytic galvanizing will be created; and the packaging department will be expanded and modernized in order to ensure an increasingly efficient service.

At the end of the evening, employees with more than 30 years of seniority were personally awarded by the founder Bruno Bontempi, who was given a commemorative plaque, a sign of the strong bond created over the years.