15 November 2022

Vibo’s Growth Strategy: company growth plan to overcome current challenges and put in place future expansion goals

Vibo’s Growth Strategy

Vibo celebrated the company’s 60th anniversary in 2021a year to be considered a record in terms of turnover and tons sold and during which there was no shortage of difficulties and special situations, such as the rise in raw material prices.

For the year 2022 Vibo had set great goals which were, however, thwarted by the Ukraine-Russia war and the ensuing energy crisis. Nevertheless, 2022 proved to be a prosperous year in terms of turnover.

The company was able to react with grit by going ahead with what it believes in. New investments, new stimuli and an industrial growth strategy are the right approach to maintain a strong position in this market. Increasing the company’s production capacities by expanding the automated warehouse has given the opportunity to create new product ranges, better service the customers and attract new ones, making it possible for them to purchase products from a single supplier. The search for sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions is a key theme in the company’s future growth plans, in which Vibo is investing.

Bontempi Vibo’s goal is to become the main reference point for European specialized bolting distribution.

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