19 January 2024

Workplace appreciation and social sustainability: Bontempi VIBO rewards employees and invests in the future

Workplace appreciation and social sustainability

In recognition of the importance of the daily work carried out by its employees, in February Bontempi VIBO will grant a performance bonus of EUR 2,200 based on the results of the financial year 2023 to all the employees in the Rodengo Saiano site. This amount will be added to the bonuses already awarded during the past year.

The disbursement of these bonuses is part of a broader project implemented by the company. In detail, Bontempi VIBO’s strategic plan for the next five years will place its employees at the centre of the initiative, involving and appropriately incentivizing them in the growth path outlined by the Group.

For this reason, Bontempi VIBO is implementing specific professional growth plans to better meet the needs of its collaborators, accompanied by targeted training programs and courses to address the global challenges that the company will face in the future. Furthermore, starting in February, the role of ESG manager will be introduced, highlighting VIBO’s commitment to environmental, social and governance issues.