15 June 2023

A positive echo on Bontempi VIBO’s activities: the Giornale di Brescia reports on it

A positive echo on Bontempi VIBO’s activities

Bontempi VIBO continues on its road to economic growth and intensifies investments after an exceptional 2022.

The magnitude of the efforts that the company has put into its expansion is clearly showing from the numbers: around 15 million euros is the amount of investments being made in the two-year period 2023-2024. These investments will allow Bontempi VIBO to far exceed the ambitious goal of more than 30,000 tons of screws sold per year.

The company has decided to maintain the positive momentum by investing in the years to come. Ongoing investments will be mainly concentrated in the Calabritto production site. In fact, the expansion of that site has been confirmed and this will lead to doubling the site’s production capacity. Bontempi VIBO will dedicate much of its energy to the development of new product ranges to fulfil its ambitious goal of being the benchmark for European bolting distribution.

However, the company is not limiting itself to expanding its facilities: the intention is to further diversify its activities, a process that began in 2019 with the acquisition of FRAM, which was then followed in 2021 by the acquisition of Mi.Me.Af, a company that was returned to profit in 2022. This transaction allowed the company to grow in sectors other than the historical specialized distribution sectors and to fulfil customized orders, offering tailor-made solutions for all customers.

The future prospects are well promising for Bontempi VIBO: in fact, a year of consolidation of the results achieved so far is expected, with excellent prospects for a significant growth in 2024. This period will allow the company to carefully analyze market opportunities, while remaining aligned with its changing dynamics.

With its solid financial management, a well-planned growth strategy and an ongoing commitment to innovation, Bontempi VIBO is preparing to face the future with confidence and determination!